Michele Provinciali and Tonino Guerra’s notices

Fulgor House of cinema piazzetta San Martino, April 28th – July 15th 2018

The notices that Tonino Guerra wrote in July of 1981, published by Maggioli in the form of manifests with graphics created by Michele Provinciali, constitute a singular case in the history of communication. These reflection by a poet on his own motherland, the sharing of an edito and visual alphabet that unites rural life to distillations of typographical culture, have touched an unparalleled political apex. Aphorisms that moved from the world of aesthetics, to the necessities of beauty and memory, which found a new civil and moral nature within the city walls. Darts of sense and sentiment which, speaking to all, managed to perfectly hit individual targets, allowing questions, changes of heart, and gestures to emerge.

With essential language, practical concepts, and minimalist forms, a genius drawing, both artistic and political, came to light, which even today speaks to us of landscapes and souls, of cohabitation and contemplation.