The drawings of the Oceanie

I disegni dell’Océanie Le vie dei riti L’Oceania sacra e misteriosa di Grégoire Louis Domeny de Rienzi

The ways of the rites
Sacred and mysterious Oceania
by Grégoire Louis Domeny de Rienzi

edited by Rosita Copioli and Alessandro Giovanardi

Gambalunga Civic Library Ancient rooms

The choice of drawings from the 285 made for the splendid illustrations of l’Océanie by Grégoire Louis Domeny de Rienzi, preserved in the Des Vergers Fund of the Gambalunga Library in Rimini, opens a fascinating and precise look at the religious civilizations of Oceania and their multiple rites , customs, buildings and sacred symbols, coming from Oceanic and Aboriginal cultures as well as those of India and Indochina.

G.L. Domény De Rienzi, by L.I. Duperrey 1822-1825, pl. 36, Natives of New Guinea.