Biennale Disegno Rimini

Visible and Invisible. Passion and Desire

From Picasso to Fellini,

Guercino and the Gandolfi’s, Beecroft and De Carolis

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Third Edition

April 28th - July 15th 2018

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Caravaggio Experience

Biennale Disegno Rimini collateral event
Arengo Hall | Piazza Cavour
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All exhibitions

City Museum via Tonini 1

Delineavit. Guercino and his Forger
curated by Fausto Gozzi, Massimo Pulini e Giulio Zavatta

Fortunato Duranti. The papers of Madness from Fermo Biblioteca Comunale Speziali
curated by Alessandro Giovanardi e Franco Pozzi

Stefano Della Bella. Engravings. The poetry of tiny
curated by Bertrand Marret

Visibles and invisibles. Aiap Manifestos for Biennale del Disegno
curated by Stefano Tonti

Calligrafia Venezia. Femmine typeface
curated by Monica Dengo

Sismondo Castel piazza Malatesta

Pablo Picasso. Celestine 
curated by Alessandra Bigi iotti

Federico Fellini. Dreamt body
curated by Nicola Bassano e Marco Leonetti

Adolfo de Carolis. World Echo from Montefiore dell’Aso capital 
curated by Tiziana Maffei

Diego Zuelli. Untrue pieces.

Giovanni Buffa. Lead draw. Preparatory papers for windows glass
curated by Laura Marchesini

Baroque Papers from Maurizio Nobile collection
curated by Mauro Riccomini

Jiri Kolar. JK stands for beauty
curated by Mauro Stefanini

Museum Hosts

Giovanni Manfredini. Holy body
curated by Andrea Losavio

MAD MEG. i Patriarchs
curated by Rodolfo Gasparelli

Del Bianco e Lombardelli. Shadow never was

Tinin Mantegazza. Disegneria
curated by Fondazione Tito Balestra Longiano

Giancarlo De Carolis. Xylographs and papers

Luca Piovaccari. Disenchantment season
curated by Alberto Zanchetta

Silvio Canini. Umbratile

Umberto Giovannini. Catania 1

Luciano Baldacci. Signs and things
curated by Annamaria Bernucci

Anna Girolomini. Attoterzo

FAR Fabbrica Arte Rimini piazza Cavour

Davide Benati. Arpabirmana
curated by Alessandra Bigi Iotti

Vanessa Beecroft. American Drawings

Davide Arcangeli. Further than his time
curated by Oreste Ruggeri

Sergei Tchoban. Capriccis
curated by Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge

Ala Nuova del Museo

Cantiere Disegno. Fifty artists in the halls of contemporary
curated by Andrea Losavio, Annamaria Bernucci e Massimo Pulini

Surgeon Domus piazza Ferrari

Marotta & Russo. Everything (Not) (Save) Will Be Lost
curated by Martina Cavallarin

House of Cinema Fulgor  Piazzetta San Martino

Sergio Toppi. Space on the body
curated by Egisto Quinto Seriacopi

Ericailcane. Fire Powerfull  
curated by Andrea Losavio

Filippo Scòzzari. Invisibles. Unpolite. Battles.

Federico Moroni. Insects e Watches
curated by Annamaria Bernucci

Bornaccino School. Internazional case

Michele Provinciali and Tonino Guerra’s notices

Istituto Musicale G. Lettimi Via Cairoli 44

Visible Music.XIX and XX century illustrated scores 
curated by Franco Dell’Amore

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Ruggeri Auto
Italia nostra Rimini
Gruppo Maggioli
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