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Visit the Drawing Biennale from April 23 to July 10, 2016 and become a witness

Your eyes on the works and drawings, tells your emotions and share them with others, put them in a network with #mybiennaleRN

How it works:

  1. To participate you must register here (link esterno): it is mandatory to include email, Instagram account (your Instagram profile of the applicant must be open);
  2. Select the date on the calendar in which to visit the Biennale of Drawing, that day you will have free admission to all exhibitions;
  3. The shots must contain the hashtag #mybiennaleRN and mention @biennaledisegnoRN. You can also add to the post the hashtag that identifies you are visiting the exhibition (find the list at the end of regulation);
  4. The photos will be selected and shared on social profiles of the Biennale and those of the City of Rimini.


By participating in the project #mybiennaleRN the authors of the photos confirm and certify that:

  • uploads photos were actually taken and created by them in the period of participation in the project;
  • the photos do not contain obscene, sexually explicit, violent, offensive or defamatory;
  • the photos do not contain material discriminating by gender, ethnicity, religion, political thought;
  • the photos do not contain references to the promotion or support of illegal activities;
  • the photos do not have purely commercial content / advertising;
  • photos that contain portraits of individuals and groups are subject to the current legislation on the protection of personal data and require prior release;
  • the City of Rimini is in no way responsible for the behavior of users who violate the terms indicated and laws;
  • the City of Rimini is in no way responsible for the behavior of users who violate the terms indicated and laws.


The images published by the citizens in the Municipality social network are subjected, unless otherwise noted, is licensed Creative Commons 3.0 GB that allows you to share (copy, distribute, communicate to the public, publicly display, perform, and perform this material by any means and format) and edit (remix, transform the material) recognizing the author appropriate mention of fatherhood.

For all the specifications, please visit::

The Municipality of Rimini reserves the right to modify this document during construction

Rimini, 22 febbraio 2016
v.3 Modificato il 14/3/2016



(optional hashtag)
Museo della Città

  • #ProfiliDelMondo
  • #UmanoPaesaggio
  • #LineaContinua
  • #DisegniDesVergers
  • #FelliniEroticoCasanova
  • #CornelliLucefraLuci
  • #SculturaDisegnata

Ala Nuova del Museo

  • #CantiereDisegno

FAR Fabbrica Arte Rimini

  • #ProfiliDelMondo #RaccontoNaturale
  • #AcquaDisegna
  • #ProvocazionePiuGrande
  • #Bontempi

Castel Sismondo

  • #Marziani
  • #ProfiliDelCielo
  • #Sironi
  • #Rambelli
  • #Chini #GalileoChini
  • #OrlandoOrlandi
  • #GiancarloValentini

Palazzo Gambalunga

  • #PinoPascali
  • #TullioPericoli

Tearto Galli

  • #AndreaPazienza
  • #EroicoManoscritto
  • #CenacoloBelgioioso
  • #RitrattiRisorgimento
  • #CaricatureRisorgimento
  • #UmanizzataEAmorevoleForma
  • #Poletti

Complesso degli Agostiniani

  • #VieDiDialogo

Oratorio di S. Giovannino

  • #CesarePronti
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Orari di apertura

Tutte le sedi (tranne Palazzo Lettimi e Oratorio San Giovannino)
  • da mercoledì a venerdì ore 11-19
  • sabato, domenica e festivi ore 11-21
  • chiuso lunedì e martedì

    Palazzo Lettimi: da mercoledì a sabato ore 11-19.30 / domenica chiuso

    Oratorio di San Giovannino: da mercoledì a venerdì durante tutto il mese di maggio, il 3 giugno e il 1 luglio la mostra allestita presso l’Oratorio chiuderà alle ore 17.30


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